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Bridgetown Pottery Tearooms & Gallery
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Bridgetown Pottery Tearooms & Gallery

81 Hampton St Bridgetown

21 years on and we are still here!!!! Welcome to our family business - sometimes it is a little untidy, occasionally it's chaotic, every now and then we're arguing, and often there's too much noise, BUT, no matter what, we are always pleased that YOU have walked through OUR front door!!!

Bridgetown Pottery - Restaurant offers yummy homemade tucker to the weary traveller and locals alike. We do breakfast , lunch and snacks including the "Famous Pumpkin Soup", HUGE Devon Teas, Icky Sticky Puddin', Deluxe Pottery Milkshakes and more. Housed in one of the oldest buildings on Bridgetown's main street the tearooms feature a collection of memorabilia that reflects the history of the families that have called it home. The pottery workshop now houses a collection of handcrafted pots from local potters, locally manufactured Bohemian Woodcraft, slumped glass platters and bowls, blown glass, works from the Horseshoe Nail Sculptor and changing exhibitions of fine art by local and visiting artists. Wander in for a browse or just relax and enjoy a yarn from Pip!! Either way, you are guaranteed to "enjoy the experience ". Also available - catering service that has twenty years of "know how". Weddings, wakes, christenings, corporates - we will travel - any venue - menus personalized to suit the occasion.

Directions: Travel south on Hampton St from the Visitor Centre through the central business district. We are opposite Scott's Tavern.
Our Opening Hours are OPEN 7 DAYS ( Except Christmas and Boxing Days ) Core hours 9 am to 5 pm
Function Catering Available Take-away Available 
Shop/Gallery Toilets on site 

Location Map

The Visitor Centre offers a FREE booking service.

If you would like more information about this property, please call the Visitor Centre on 1800 777 140.

Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to welcoming you to Bridgetown!