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Greenbushes Winter Festival Weekend

Greenbushes Winter Festival Weekend

August 03, 2018 - August 05, 2018
10:00 - 10:00pm

At Greenbushes Greenbushes

Cost: Various - please see the program below for the full details

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Greenbushes is a lovely town within the Shire, almost as old as Bridgetown and with an interesting history!

The first inhabitants were the indigenous Nyungar people whose community was on the Blackwood River.  As well as this community there were people travelling from Bunbury to settlements further south who stopped at a local well for water.  The location of the well was distinguished by the callistachys lanceolata bush which is a bright green colour; hence the name Greenbushes.

In the 1880s the gold rush started and prospectors started what was called scratching in and around Greenbushes.  While looking for traces of gold, Mr Hardman, a government geologist, told a Bunbury resident, Mr Stinton, of the likelihood of tin in Greenbushes.  In 1888 Mr Stinton found tin and applied for a 400 acre mining lease.  Within one year his lease was very profitable and as mining grew, so did Greenbushes.

In 1892, there were 200 mining leases, 8 business licenses, and 6,476 letters, 516 telegrams and 77 money orders sent from the post office.  In 1894, the first timber mill was established and in 1898 the first freehold settlers arrived.  As the tin mine and timber industries expanded and the number of settlers increased, the population increased substantially.  By 1904, the population was 3,000 and there were 159 miners, plus storekeepers, carriers, carpenters, tinsmiths, solicitors, mining agents, chemists, butchers, tailors, bootmakers, bakers, boarding house keepers, famers, graziers, timber lessees and four hotel owners/managers!

Although regarded primarily as a mining town, timber milling and farming also played a significant role in the history of the district.  The first timber concession of 5,000 acres was issued in the district in the early 1890s, and the first freehold lease for farming was granted around the same time.  Farms were also established in the Greenbushes area in the 1920s as part of the Group Settlement Scheme which operated in the 1920s to re-settle soldiers returned from World War 1 and assisted migrants from England.

These days, the population of Greenbushes is much smaller, but the town remains a thriving community.  Be sure to visit the fascinating Greenbushes Discovery Centre for more information about Greenbushes.

Please see the program for the Winter Weekend below.

 Greenbushes Weekend

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