Forest and Bush Walks

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Welcome to the historic and picturesque area of Bridgetown-Greenbushes.  Located in the stunning south west of Western Australia, Bridgetown is the only town in the region to have been granted Historic Town status by the National Trust of Australia.

You will notice the abundance of natural beauty in the environment in and around the towns.  The area boasts truly stunning and unique scenery, which you can best enjoy by putting on your walking shoes and experiencing it firsthand.

Both Bridgetown and Greenbushes have a number of interesting, varied and enjoyable trails for locals and visitors to enjoy.  Please drop into the Bridgetown-Greenbushes Visitor Centre for a map or call them on (+61 8) 9761 1740 for further information.

Download the walk trails booklet here.

Walk Trails

Hiking Notes

Below is a set of hiking tips to bear in mind while participating in any of these walks.  Although some of the trails are not far from town and some are only a short distance, you never know when you might become stuck!  If you follow these tips, you will be better prepared for any emergency.

We care for your wellbeing, but you are responsible for your safety. You are in the natural environment with loose gravel, uneven surfaces, sticks and rocks, and branches may drop from the forest canopy at any time. Please stay on the designated paths and follow the markers at all times. Please wear suitable clothing, take sufficient water and carry your rubbish with you.  Please do not light fires.

**Please be AWARE of Snakes as summer is their most ACTIVE season**

Thank you and enjoy the magnificent Blackwood River Valley.  Drop into the Visitor Centre and pick up our free Walk Trails booklet, which can also be downloaded here.

  • Notify someone of your plans.  If possible, let somebody know where you are and your expected return time.  Some of these trakcs may not see many travellers.
  • Water.  Make sure you take plenty of water.  Take at least 2 litres per person per day. 
  • Dress appropriately.  Always make sure you have the correct clothing to suit the walking conditions and for the time of year.  A sun hat is necessary in summer and sunglasses are a good idea.
  • First Aid Kit.  Always carry a first aid kit.  Comprehensive first aid kits are inexpensive and crucial if something goes wrong.  Even an insect bite can be painful.
  • Food.  Make yourself a healthy trail mix to keep your energy levels up on the longer walks.
  • Stay on the path.  Always stay on the designated trails and be careful not to trample the flora and fauna.
  • Rubbish.  Remember to take all of your rubbish home with you.  Keep the trails clean for others; it's as easy as putting a rubbish bag in your backpack!
  • Wildflowers.  Although they look beautiful, it is an offence to pick wildflowers in Western Australia.  Why not grow your own?!  The Visitor Centre has packaged wildflower seeds available for purchase.
  • Reference Book.  A reference to assist in identifying flora and fauna can be really useful.
  • Snakes.  There are some very poisionous snakes in the south-west.  Be careful in areas of long grass, rocks and near water.  A snake will probably have moved away before you see it, but if you should see one on your track, just walk around it and leave it alone.