Bridgetown Jarrah Park

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Bridgetown Jarrah Park 2The Bridgetown Jarrah Park is located approximately 20 km from Bridgetown along the Brockman Highway.

The park includes four walks of varying lengths, from 20 minutes up to 2 hours:

  • Shield Tree Trail
  • Fallers Brand Trail
  • Hollow Karri Trail
  • Blackbutt Trail

The trails wander past a variety of plant communities, and in spring the forest floor is a brilliant kaleidescope of colour provided by an array of wildflowers including native wisteria, yellow flags, wattles, hovea, coral vine and many orchids.  Follow the labelled junction numbers for each of the trails or you can walk the trails in any direction and use the junction numbers to get your bearings.  Your walk can be as long or as short as you like.

The area is significant as the uplands support open forest of Jarrah and Marri while the valley vegetation ranges from open Yarri (also known as WA Blackbutt), Marri and Jarrah to full open forest of Karri with a wide range of understorey plant communities.  This is the northernmost occurence of Karri and the one place where magnificent specimens of the four major tree species of the region can be seen within easy walking distance.

Most mammals in the Australian bush are nocturnal, but you may be lucky to see kangaroos, western brush wallabies, honey possums, western pygmy possums, and if you are extremely lucky, a numbat, Western Australia's state emblem and an endangered species.

For the keen birdwatcher, many birds inhabit the diverse habitats found in the Park, ranging from honeyeaters, white, yellow and scarlet robins, fantails, wrens, striated and spotted pardalotes, wattle birds, ravens, kookaburras, red and white tailed black cockatoos, golden and rufous whistlers, shrike thrushes, purple crowned lorikeets and more.

Reptiles are everywhere and you may get to see skinks, goannas, dugite and tiger snakes (our snakes are venemous but are quite scared of large animals like us and will try to escape if you give them time and space).  You're lucky if you see one!

For a detailed map and more information pick up a Walk Trails booklet from the Visitor Centre, or download a copy from the home page of our website.

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