Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk

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The Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk is a short trail around an attractive natural waterhole located on the Spring Gully Watercourse and is within walking distance of the Greenbushes townsite.

The 513 metre walk trail includes 230 metres of decked boardwalk and 286 metres of gravel pathways around and along the waters edge. It is wheelchair friendly and has gopher access; there are some gentle inclines to navigate.  There are a number of viewing decks and some seats which enable walkers to pause and enjoy the native Jarrah forest.  There is interpretive signage providing information about local flora and fauna.  Birds and marsupials are abundant and in addition the healthy waterway provides a habitat for fish, turtles, marron and many macro-invertebrates.

The pool is an important historic site for the town and was used as a water supply for tin sluicing and mining operations from the late 1800s through to the 1900s.  It was also a popular picnic and swimming spot.

There is a canoe access ramp, gazebos, picnic facilities and a free gas barbecue, playgound and toilet facilities.  There is ample car parking at the pool.

Waterbird Walk Trail (3.5km - 1 hours)

The Greenbushes Discovery Centre has partnered with the Blackwood Basin Group to develop the Waterbird Walk.  The walk begins at the Greenbushes Pool and includes information on flora, fauna and the history of the area around Spring Gully and Schwenke's Dam which is being developed as a wetland suitable for wading birds such as the endangered bittern species. For more information about the Priority Bittern Biodiversity Project go to the Blackwood Basin website

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