Old Rectory Walk

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The Old Rectory Trail runs approx 1 km to the west of the Bridgetown bridges (traffic and rail) along the Blackwood River.  This walk trail was originally used by the Anglican Parish Priests when the "Old Rectory" was located at the end of the trail as the means of linking 'home' to 'work'.

The "Old Rectory" is now privately owned so walkers can either retrace their footsteps back along the trail or access a loop link and return to the bridge along the railway reserve (non operational rail line).  This affords the walker the opportunity to view the public art sculpture which symbolizes the water drop and is situated at the southern end of the bridge.

Along the trail you can see much native wildlife and during springtime there is an abundance of wildflowers including snow drops, peas, wattles, native buttercups and orchids.

Pick up a Walk Trails booklet at the Visitor Centre for maps and more information.