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Scenic Drives

Situated in the heart of the Blackwood River Valley, Bridgetown features some great drives throughout the countryside. Maps are available at the Visitor Centre, why not try the ones below?  Print one off and take it with you.  Please note that to eliminate confusion with Highway 1, there is no Drive #1.  Some drives may take you onto private property with unsealed roads.

Drive # 2 Bridgetown - Maranup Ford - Greenbushes - Bridgetown (51 km)

From the town centre, drive over the Blackwood River bridge. Immediately after, turn right and head along the Brockman Highway toward Nannup. After 14 kms, turn right on to Maranup Ford Road.

Cross the river by the bridge that replaced the original ford.  The hill beyond the bridge is steep. Continue to Greenbushes, passing by tin mines that have operated since 1888.   There are many old buildings in the Greenbushes township, including the old schoolhouse. Continue to the Southwest Highway. Turn right to return to Bridgetown.

Drive # 3 Bridgetown - Balingup - Nannup - Bridgetown (113 km)

From the town centre, head north to the township of Balingup. There are many things to see and do in Balingup, including great boutique shops and galleries.

Head south-west on the road to Nannup. The road is narrow and winding and follows the Blackwood River past picturesque farmland, pine plantations and bushland. Browse at your leisure through the sites at Nannup, before heading back to Bridgetown along the Brockman Highway.

Drive # 4 Bridgetown - Jarrah Park - Donnelly River - Bridgetown (73 km)

From the town centre drive over the Blackwood River bridge. Immediately after, turn right and head along the Brockman Highway towards Nannup. After 20 km, turn right into the Jarrah Park. There are four walk tracks:  the Shield Tree Trail (700 m long) and the Fallers Brand Trail (2.6 km), the Hollow Karri trail (4.2 km) and the   Blackbutt Trail (6.5 km) winding through Jarrah & Marri woodland, Karri and Blackbutt and then back through the Jarrah and Marri. The parking area also has BBQs.

1 km past the Park entry, turn left into Sears Road to Donnelly River, to see wild kangaroos, emus & parrots. Return to Bridgetown via Mockerdillup Road.

Drive # 5 Bridgetown - Mattamattup Valley - Suttons Lookout (5 km)

From the town centre head east onto Steere Street, where the Art Deco Shire office is located on the corner. Continue past the old convent, high school, doctors' surgery, swimming pool, and up the hill to a T junction. Turn right into Giblett Street, then right again into Blechynden Street

Take the second turn left around the hill, where there is a wide panorama of Mattamattup Valley. Continue on and take the next left to Sutton's lookout where you can see panoramic views of the region. Continue downhill toward the Blackwood River. Turn right and follow the river back to Hampton Street.

Drive # 6 Bridgetown - Peninsula Rd - Bridgetown (19 km)

This is a drive particularly worth doing at sunrise or sunset when kangaroos are at their     most active. From the town centre head north towards Bunbury, turning left at Peninsula Road, past the Hospital and showgrounds.

After 4 km, turn right toward the peninsula, which is really just a sharp bend in the Blackwood River. If you continue along this road, you will arrive back in Bridgetown. Ignore the cattle grids, but remember parts of this road are unsealed and on private property so proceed slowly and with care.

Drive # 7 Bridgetown - Allnut Street - Bridgetown (3 km)

Drive north along Hampton Street, turn left into Nelson Street and left onto Allnutt Street. Proceed to the top of the hill and take a second turn to the right to the water reservoir and for views across the Valley. Turn right down the steep hill and left into Loftie Street, continue on to meet Hampton Street again.

Drive # 8 Bridgetown - Mockerdillup Road - Bridgetown (22 km)

Travel south along Hampton Street over the Blackwood River and follow the Brockman Highway towards Nannup for 3 km. Turn left into Mockerdillup Road, and then take the second turn right into Nelson Grange Road. This was originally John Allnutt's property where apples were first grown commercially in the district. Continue through the forest    and turn left when you reach the sealed road, this will take you back to the Brockman Highway, turn right to return to Bridgetown.

Drive # 9 Bridgetown - Hester - Tweed Road - Bridgetown (71 km)

From the town centre, head north towards Bunbury, head up the steep hill, turning right at the top toward Hester. This road passes the Bridgetown Golf Course and then through the timber town of Hester. There are a couple of very sharp bends in the road immediately after the railway crossing.

Continue to the Boyup Brook Road. Cross this onto Winnejup Road. Continue until you have driven over the Blackwood River. Take the next turn right along the Tweed Valley though Silverlands into Tweed Road. This comes out at the South West Highway, just 1 km south of the river. Turn right, cross over the bridge back to Bridgetown.

Bridgetown Timber Shearing Shed 1

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