Bridgetown Jigsaw Gallery

Arts & Culture Bridgetown

Hours: Mon - Fri 10am-4pm, Sat, Sun & Pub Hols 10am-1pm

Phone: 9761 1740

The Gallery houses hundreds of jigsaw puzzles collected since the 1940s. It is one of only two jigsaw galleries in the world, and the only collection of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mrs Jessie Brierley arrived in Bridgetown in 1940, searching for peace and a happy and secure life for her children. Often in the evenings, the family would work together on jigsaw puzzles, which when completed would be mounted and hung on walls around the family farm.

When Mrs Brierley opened a guesthouse at the completion of the war, visitors also completed puzzles, and often, when returning to various corners of the world, they would send gifts of new puzzles. Thus the collection grew!

As a gesture of thanks for all that Bridgetown had given her, Mrs Brierley offered her collection to the community, through the Shire, in 1978. She provided funds to line and carpet a gallery suitable to house the collection - a tribute to her generosity in supporting any project designed to promote or improve the district.

Since 1978, the collection has continue to expand gifts from visitors, and donations are used to mount new jigsaws and maintain the existing collection.

Our amazing collection varies in types, from classic art, famous landscapes, 3D jigsaws, WASGIJs and much more. The sizes range from our smallest at 99 pieces (it's much smaller than it sounds!) to our largest at 9,000 pieces. Currently on loan to the Gallery is one of the world's largest jigsaws, the Ravensburger Memorable Moments jigsaw, featuring the ten most popular Disney movies, measuring over 7m long and more than 40,000 pieces! It is an absolute must-see when visiting Bridgetown.

Entry is $5 Adults, $3 Children and $12 for a Family (2A+2C)

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154 Hampton Street, Bridgetown, WA, 6255, Australia