Hester Forest Walks

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Hester Forest extends north-east from Bridgetown and is made up of a number of small blocks of forest interspersed between farmland.  The Hester Forest is an integral part of the character of Bridgetown; it is highly visible, being high on the landscape and provides a green belt for the town.  The Hester Forest walks are well signed with good facilities and were sanctioned by the Department of Parks & Wildlife in 2016.

There are four bush walks in the Hester Forest ranging from a 30 minute walk through a white gum valley, up to a 10 km hike alongside the adjoining farms.

  • Old Abbatoir Walk (Jarrah-Marri Forest Trail) is an easy walk of two hours within a block of forest bounded on one side by farmland and the other by the Bridgetown-Boyup Brook Road. Walk around the boundary or along the creek and enjoy the seasonal wildflowers and a variety of birds.
  • Wandoo Valley Walk is a walk of around 30 minutes through a white gum valley with grass trees, banksias and a grandfather wandoo.  Look for the variety of wildflowers in season and the eagles' nest on the left as you enter the forest, and the hollows in old trees that provide shelter and nesting sites for birds and possums.
  • The Ridge Walk is through mature jarrah on an ironstone ridge running down to a sandy valley.  It is a haven for kangaroos and bird life and is just off Elwins Road.
  • Ten Kilometre Walk from Taylor Road follow the track alonside the farms, this walk ends on Winnejup Road or Elwins Road

Pick up a Walk Trail booklet at the Visitor Centre for the detailed map and information.

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