Bridgedale House

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'Bridgedale', the Blechynden House, is the oldest building in Bridgetown and was owned by John Blechynden who was a pioneer pastoralist of the Bridgetown district in the 1850s. Bridgedale was constructed in stages and the main part was finished in 1863.  It was built  by John Blechynden, William May and Joseph Green. They fired the local clay bricks, used local timber which was pit sawn and cut with broad axes and used wooden shingles on the roof.  The original house consisted of five small rooms with a middle one serving as a kitchen-living room.  Additions were added later as John and Elizabeth Blechynden's family grew.  In 1862 Bridgedale became a temporary site of the area's first school.

The building was purchased by public subscription in 1969 and handed over to the National Trust of Australia (WA) who now administers the building. Of particular interest are the beautiful gardens and tiny building behind the house where the original owner lived while Bridgedale was being built.

The house is currently closed to the public.

There is a pleasant river walk which starts from the house and takes you along the banks of the Blackwood River over a small bridge behind the caravan park through the Blackwood River Park and over the traffic bridge back to Bridgedale House.

The Bridgetown Historical Society has a large collection of old photos and information about Bridgedale.  Their website is